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The first thing you should be doing is collecting email addresses and building your list. This way if a new program comes out you have a list of people all ready and waiting to hear about it from you.

For your list we’re going to go with Traffic Wave. Traffic Wave is one of the best autoresponders around and offer a 30-day trail membership, after that it’s $17.95 a month. This price is well worth it as they have a excellent affiliate program.

Now that you have your autoresponder you need to sign up for TEListBuilder. TEListBuilder is a program that helps you build your list.

Start doing the tasks on TEListBuilder, when you get to Autoresponder setup task, click on the first task and choose TrafficWave and enter your username, now press “Update My Autoresponder.”

Follow the other tasks in the Autoresponder Setup module and you’ll have your TrafficWave autoresponder all set up and ready to go!

Now you need to make sure your autoresponder form works!
Look under list Building on TEListBuilder and click “Lead Capture pages.” On this page pick one of the capture pages and open it, it doesn’t matter which one. Now sign up with your own email and see if it works.

If it doesn’t work go back and see if you filled out anything wrong. If it does work continue with the tasks on TEListbuilder, especailly the step where you add messages to your autoresponder!

Once you’re done with the tasks you’re going to need traffic to fuel those signups!

Now that you have a program to promote you need to track how your future traffic preforms, for this we use

With you can see what traffic converts into leads and from what traffic source. has a series of video tutorials so please check those out, I can’t say it any better then them. After watching their tutorials add your lead capture page from telistbuilder and start tracking it. This tracked link will be the one you promote in traffic exchanges and safelists.

Use TemBrowser to surf your safelists, it can open your emails and click the links for you cutting the amount of time you spend earning credits down hours. Once you join TemBrower you’re going to need to buy some templates for safelists. As a free member you can have 10 templates for free so we’ll use those 10 free templates to use 10 safelists.

Be sure to join the safelists using a Gmail email made just for safelists. This will only work for you if you use a gmail email, so be sure to sign up for one if you don’t have one. This will also delete all the emails you have in your gmail account after opening them, so make sure you’re using an account just for safelist mails.

Once you’ve joined all the safelists buy the templates for them on TemBrowser. Next wait a day then open up TemBrowser in the control panel beside where it says “My Sites” click the gears and choose “Gmail Helper.” On the Gmail helper page press “Start To Load Mailer Ads” it will open Gmail in a browser and ask you to give TemBrowser permission to use your gmail account, say yes and then TemBrowser will get to work opening your mails for you.

Track when you can send out safelist emails with Mailer Ninja. Never miss a opportunity to send an email again!

You can use Traffic Browser to surf your traffic exchanges at lightning speeds! Once you’ve joined and downloaded Traffic Browser put the 7 traffic exchanges you’ve joined in and start surfing!

You can use TEMBrowser which you already have for this, but you’ve already used your 10 templates and will have to buy more to use it with traffic exchanges. Also Traffic Browser is much faster then TEMBrowser with traffic exchanges, so I say use TemBrowser for safelists and Traffic Browser for Traffic exchanges.

With Adkreator you can make your own stunning landing pages and banners. Use Adkreator to make a landing page that only you are using! Things that are unique convert better!

Other Money Makers

With Cash in on Banners you can get your banner ad on thousands of pages and get $10 member to member payments for their one time payment upgrade.

CashJuice is a new program from the guys at TrafficAdBar, it's not only a great guide to making money online, but also a social network for marketers. Meet new friends and promote your own programs here.

WIth GDI you get your own domain with hosting for $10 a month, with it's affiliate program you can make lots of money, try it out today.


Safelist #1.

Safelist #2.

Safelist #3.

Safelist #4.

Safelist #5.

Safelist #6

Safelist #7.

Safelist #8

Safelist #9.

Safelist #10.

Solo Ads

With a one time purchase of $9.97 you get to send a solo mail to their membership once every 28 days. This is a great tool for building your list.

Get a free gold account when you join, you can send out a free solo ad every month.

Great solo ads that you can pay credits for also has a matrix for you to earn money with.

Some of the best solo's around. A little expensive but they always provide good results!

With Free Advertising For You you get many ways to promote your programs. The best is by far their solo ads, which get hundreds of clicks each.

TE Co-Ops

Legacy Team Co-Op is a wonderful traffic co-op, they host many great features to show your links on thousands of sites.

MaxAdCo-Op is a great new traffic co-op offering a lot of website for a small price. For less the $3 a month you'll get a 1:1 ratio, 500 free hits a month and much more. You'll also get bonus hits a few times a month form the admin's advertisement purchases, that can be more then 5000 hits from amazing traffic sources.

Rapid Fire Ads is a great TE Co-Op that allows you to battle on different sites to bring your team to the top. The top teams get extra credits and more, so check it out!

Another great TE Co-Op, sign up for fast quality traffic and a awesome affiliate program.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchange #1.
Please note that you can't surf this TE on Traffic Browser, You'll have to surf it in your normal browser. But don't skip this TE over because of that, this is #1 performing TE out there

Traffic Exchange #2.
Please note that you can't surf this TE on Traffic Browser, You'll have to surf it in your normal browser. But don't skip this TE over because of that, this is #2 performing TE out there.

Traffic Exchange #3.

Traffic Exchange #4.

Traffic Exchange #5.

Traffic Exchange #6.

Traffic Exchange #7.

Traffic Exchange #8.

Traffic Exchange #9.

Traffic Exchange #10.